Key Initiatives

Text4Hope is a free service providing three months of daily text messages written by mental health therapists. You are not alone, there are supports, and there is hope working through negative feelings or thoughts during stressful situations.
Text HOPEAB to 393939 to subscribe.

The messages are based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). The texting-based program provides one-way communication and has shown that user stress, anxiety, and depression is reduced up to 25% with these daily positive messages. It is a helpful resource for people who can’t access face-to-face services, as well as those in remote locations.

In addition to Text4Hope, we have helped launch similar programs designed to help Albertans dealing with psychological issues.

First responder messaging services:

Text4Well-being is a free text messaging support to help build resilience and improve well-being in first responders.

Text WELLBEING to 1-844-990-4343 to subscribe.

Text4PTSI is a free text messaging to support first responders dealing with post traumatic stress injury symptoms.

Text PTSI to 1-844-990-4343 to subscribe.
Our Valued Partners

Addiction Support

People lacking support systems, programs, and relationships helping them stay in recovery are more likely to resume substance use to deal with stress, anxiety, and isolation. Text4Hope—Addiction Support helps individuals reduce cravings, promote recovery through brief, daily supportive messages.

 Text OPEN2CHANGE to 393939 to subscribe.

Cancer Care

​If you or someone you care about has cancer, there’s a lot to worry about. It is normal to have strong feelings. Text4Hope—Cancer Care provides additional support to reduce anxiety and depression related to cancer diagnosis and treatment in Alberta.

 Text CANCERCARE to 393939 to subscribe.


Anyone feeling increased anxiety, stress, or depression about the war in Ukraine can subscribe to receive messages of hope in English, Ukrainian, Russian, or French.

 Text Hope4Ukraine to 393939 to subscribe.


Free, daily supportive text messages for teachers providing support and helping build coping skills for managing stress, burnout, anxiety, and depression.

Text TEACHWELL to 1-844-618-1234 to subscribe.

More Good Days

​Kickstand’s program for young Albertans, aged 12-25, delivers a daily text message of inspiration and advice. These simple messages can shift perspectives and give youth something positive to focus on.

Text MoreGoodDays to 393939 to subscribe.