Access to mental health care is consistently the number one concern for individuals living with mental illness in the community. Despite a vast array of quality programs and services, people struggle to find and engage the care they need to get well.

In the healthcare system, it’s a tale of two doors.

The first door, entered by someone looking for physical health care, leads to a doctor familiar with diagnosis and treatment, as well as the pathway to more specialized care. The road forward is clear.

The second, leading to mental health care, is for many Albertans seemingly closed. This happens for many reasons: lack of mental health literacy, stigma, and unclear pathways to resources prevents many individuals needing support from reaching out for help.The path forward to recovery often feels uncertain.

That’s why it is ever important that we have the support of individuals like you so we can simplify and improve access to vital mental health services. You helped us raise an incredible $1,616,947 this year, all earmarked for projects that greatly improve access to mental health care. Together, we’re rewriting the mental health script by opening the door to appropriate, barrier-free, integrated care.

There is so much to celebrate this year. But above all, your support has opened the door for individuals with mental illness to hope.

Thank you, from all of us at the Mental Health Foundation.

Stimulating Impact

It’s a genuine example of how community can impact change for good. This past year, thanks to many individual donations, and a $122,000 grant from the Edmonton Civic Employees Charitable Assistance Fund, we finally opened the doors to not one, but two clinic spaces offering brain stimulation for treatment-resistant depression.
From one person speaking up at our 2017 Mental Health Foundation Breakfast, to hundreds of people answering his call and donating, individuals with treatment resistant depression now have a new opportunity to get well. For those whose path to recovery felt hopeless, it’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

Finding Hope at Long Last

After 20 years of living with depression, Sharon was ready to try anything to manage her pain. One of the first patients to receive publicly available brain stimulation in Edmonton, she’s now able to live the life she’s always wanted.


rTMS: What is it?

Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation uses magnets to stimulate targeted areas of the brain, regulating emotion. Brain stimulation is painless, non-invasive and virtually free of side effects.

Watch Video
rTMS Brain Stimulation
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5 machines now in operation in Edmonton

55 Patients have received rTMS treatments since November 1st, 2018

rTMs Clinic in Downtown Edmonton began treating first cohort of 18 on Sept 9, 2019

Early Impact

Over half of people receiving rTMs have experienced a significant response (symptoms reduced by half).

An additional ¼ of individuals are anticipated to have their symptoms reduced by 30%

The transformation to happy and hopeful is astonishing after just a short time receiving rTMS at the Day Hospital. I have to wonder how different my life might have been if these resources had been available when I was younger. I thank you for giving generously to the future mental health of so many.”

Sharon, rTMS patient

Bringing a Community Philosophy to a Hospital Environment

Donor support helped open the doors to the first Day Hospital in the Edmonton Zone this year, providing an alternative to hospitalization for individuals with severe mental illness. Hospital stays can leave patients feeling frustrated and isolated from their communities. Your support means that patients can now benefit from a therapeutic setting during the day, while returning home to their family, friends, and community at night.

Surviving to Thriving

Len lived with bipolar disorder for 30 years, but spent most of it maintaining the appearance of success. Beneath the surface, he was flailing. Thanks to his time at the Day Hospital, Len learned the skills he needed to truly manage his illness, and begin living his life.

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Research says that Acute Day Hospitals provide a feasible alternative for
18.4% to 39.1% of acute inpatients

106 individuals transitioned out of an inpatient unit through the Day Hospital, shortening the length of their hospital stay and opening up beds.

Attendance can be 3 to 5 days per week,
with participation for a half or full day, with patients going home at 7 PM.

53% of patients indicated Group Therapy as the most helpful service they received at Day Hospital

Day Hospital provides a cost-effective alternative to inpatient care for acutely ill patients.

109 individuals were referred to Day Hospital from emergency rooms, easing the challenge of finding them a bed, and allowing them to stay in the community.

Daily interaction with the outside world provides patients with good opportunities
to develop skills and maintain a family support system.

Opening a New Front Door to Care

Another highly anticipated door opened this Spring: Addiction and Mental Health Access 24/7, a new front door for adults to access mental health services around the clock every day of the week. You may know it best from our #onedooryeg campiagn in partnership with the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation. The new centre represents a shift in how care is offered rather than just adding to what is offered. There is a roadmap to recovery for everyone, and in Edmonton that road now starts here

Toward Recovery Together

Over the last four years, Connie supported her son as he managed periods of severe mental illness. When she discovered Access 24/7, she felt she finally found a place that could put him on the road to recovery.

Connie's Story image
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In first 3 months

1021 walk-ins

293 walked in outside traditional clinic hours

Average wait time:
23 minutes

55% of those walking
in self-referred

18,548 phone calls
in first 3 months

Looking Forward
Opening Doors for Youth in Alberta

Donors to the Foundation ensure that the best solutions are available to improve mental health. Individuals who desire to make a difference for children and youth will soon have the opportunity to contribute to an initiative that will better serve the thousands of youth who require addiction and mental health services–many of whom do not know where to go for help.

Adolescence and young adulthood is a vulnerable time for the development of mental health disorders. So many youth and families struggle needlessly to find care. Integrated youth services are the solution. No doubt. No stigma. Just help when youth need it. Through support of the Foundation’s initiative, you can ensure that youth in the province receive evidence-based care, in the right place by the right provider.

A Different Way to Live

For families like the Bowie’s, finding the right mental health care is much harder than it should be. Cameron and Janice Bowie’s daughter Gabby spent 5 years waiting to get connected to services that would help her, while her parents desperately tried to manage her condition.

That's why building youth hubs matter.


Transformation requires collaboration. The Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation has committed $5 million dollars to pave the way for the expansion of youth hubs in Alberta.

Integrated youth services launch 1
Integrated youth services launch 2
Integrated youth services launch 3
Integrated youth services launch 4
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experience barriers to youth mental health support.


of mental health problems and illnesses have their onset during childhood or adolescence.


of Canadians won’t seek the help they need.

Goal: Creation of provincial network of Integrated Youth Services, partnership with provincial government, and opening of 3-5 flagship hubs over next 3 years

In 2018-19: SCHF pledged $5 million to help the Mental Health Foundation expand IYS in Alberta

Community Support

Thanks to the passionate support of our donors and sponsors, we dispersed $805,000 to community addiction and mental health programs this year.

Spoke Up for Mental Health

Spoke Up for Mental Health



Payroll Rocks

Payroll Rocks

Grey Cup

Grey Cup

Family Fun Day

Family Fun Day

Donor Appreciation Evening

Donor Appreciation Evening

Spoke Up for Mental Health

MHF Breakfast

MHF Breakfast

MLA Shepherd Visits ACCESS Open Minds



Hockey Talks

Hockey Talks

John Cameron Changing Lives Foundation Gift

John Cameron Changing Lives Foundation Gift

TELUS Gives $20K

TELUS Gives $20K

Access 24/7 Launch

Access 24/7 Launch

Frank J. Flaman Foundation

Alberta Health Services

Eldon and Anne Foote Fund

Stollery Charitable Foundation

J. Hokanson Family Charitable Foundation

Kevin Morin

Flaman Group of Companies


Gift Funds Canada

Community Initiatives Program

Asian Christian Cultural Association of Alberta

TELUS Friendly Future Foundation

Leder Charitable Foundation



The John & Dianne Storey Family Foundation

Edgar Psychological

PCL Construction Management Inc.

John Cameron Changing Lives Foundation


Rolling Mix Group of Companies

Alberta Blue Cross

Ernst & Young LLP

Felesky Flynn LLP

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Telus Corporation

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Edmonton Community Foundation

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Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation

Charlene Butler

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McCoy Family Charity

Susan Hsu

Daniel Li

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Ben Horcica

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Lloyd Sadd Insurance Brokers

Telus Corporation

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Maclab Properties Group


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Edgar Developments

Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance

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Benefaction Foundation

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Mental Health Foundation 2018-19

The Mental Health Foundation raises funds and mobilizes resources to create a barrier-free, easy-to-navigate, and fully integrated addiction and mental health system.

$804,984 disbursed to addiction and mental health programs


Full-time Staff


Board Members

Mary Pat Barry Board Chair

Mike Saunders Vice-Chair

Josh Benko Treasurer

Peter Bevilacqua
Deb Manz
Charlene Butler

Ben Horcica (Past Chair)
PJ White
Gord Gilroy
Cory Wosnack

Tim Varughese
Cody Lakevold
Jeff Strank

Financial Snapshot 2018-19




Facility Enhancements


Patient Supports


Education and Awareness

Statement of Revenues and Expenditures
Year Ended March 31, 2019

Revenue 2019 2018
Donations and Fundraising $ 1,506,419 $ 941,442
Investment Income 56,528 74,843
Alberta Health Services funding 54,000 48,000
1,616,947 1,064,285
Direct Funding Expenditures 148,600 166,123
1,468,347 898,162
Administration 307,046 245,103
Excess of Revenue Over Expenses Before Other
Income (Disbursements)
1,161,301 653,059
Other Income (Disbursements)
Realized gain on marketable securities 37,606 35,682
Unrealized gain (loss) on marketable securities 27,398 (35,266)
Disbursements (804,984) (791,368)
(739,980) (790,952)
Excess (Deficiency) of Revenue Over Expenses $ 421,321 $ (137,893)